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Gwanda Adventist Primary School is a mission school that aims at delivering a balanced education system in the community of Gwanda. The school is set to use a teacher to pupil ratio of 1:25. This enables the teacher to have close contact with all pupils in class in order to bring out the best in kids with different intellectual capabilities.

Our aim

The school’s aim is to maintain a standard pass rate of 100% in all grades. The Ministry of Education has the mandate to monitor service delivery in all schools but Adventist Schools also have their own system of monitoring service delivery which gives teachers a challenge to work extra hard to attain annual targeted results.

Our package include the following


Every morning , be it on assembly days or not, school children have 30 minutes of devotion time. They memorise bible verses and have prayers in their prayer groups. This helps them develop a good relationship with God and instills a God-fearing spirit within them. They also learn to deliver devotions by themselves, pray for fellow classmates who are not feeling well and also pray over their breakfast and lunch.


GAPS has one major source of discipline, THE BIBLE. The learning environment is so filled with the presence of God so much that kids know the kind of behaviour they ought to exhibit. When kids err, it is the bible that is used to show them the way. For hygienic reasons, kids feed in class in the presence of the teacher, this enables them to properly share and care for each other.


GAPS offers clubs namely Pathfinder and Adventurer Clubs. In these clubs kids are taught first aid, drill and marching, life skills, character building, leadership training, career guidance, achievement classes and self-reliance to mention but a few activities. Clubs also helps teachers identify kids passion and groom them accordingly.

our vision

Every Teacher a minister and every student a candidate of heaven

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