Our package include the following


Every morning , be it on assembly days or not, school children have 30 minutes of devotion time. They memorise bible verses and have prayers in their prayer groups. This helps them develop a good relationship with God and instills a God-fearing spirit within them. They also learn to deliver devotions by themselves, pray for fellow classmates who are not feeling well and also pray over their breakfast and lunch.


GAPS has one major source of discipline, THE BIBLE. The learning environment is so filled with the presence of God so much that kids know the kind of behaviour they ought to exhibit. When kids err, it is the bible that is used to show them the way. For hygienic reasons, kids feed in class in the presence of the teacher, this enables them to properly share and care for each other.


GAPS  offers clubs namely Pathfinder and Adventurer Clubs.  In these clubs kids are taught first aid, drill and marching, life skills, character building, leadership training, career guidance, achievement classes and self-reliance to mention but a few  activities.  Clubs also helps teachers identify kids passion and groom them accordingly.


Computer studies are done in all levels i.e. ECD to Grade 7. Every child has the privilege to study computers effectively since we use ratio 1:1 in our computer lab.


Our medium of communication is strictly English in all levels. This enables kids to learn speaking and writing English at a tender age. This is an effort to nurture their reading and writing potential during their course of studies.


ECD kids dismiss at 1630hrs. They feed at school and have lessons running throughout the day which enables working parents to drop their kids in the morning and collect them when they dismiss from work.

There is also a rich curriculum for ECD that matches their levels of concentration.


The School Head Office did its best in the selection of staff who:-

¨ Have a sound Christian background

¨ Exhibited to be hard workers in their former schools.

¨ Show knowledge of discipline and character building to be bestowed on our kids.

¨ Have the passion of bringing out the best even in disadvantaged kids.


Our enrolment forms were designed such that the school has information on kids allergies and family doctors where applicable. In cases of injury and illness, the school doesn’t wait for parents to take kids to the hospital or doctor. An action will be taken while parents are being informed. We believe that kids belong both to parents and the school, so it is the responsibility of the school to take care of its pupils as well.


The School Authorities limit visitation and collection of kids to the list of parents and guardians provided by parents to the school. Strictly nobody else except individuals on our guardian list would be allowed either to visit or collect school kids.


GAPS is not into competitive sports. We only have sporting activities done to enhance physical fitness in our kids.




1.Light blue short sleeved shirts 2.Blue and white floral princess dress 3.Grey shorts 4.Navy blue sunhat with school logo 5.Navy blue tie with light blue stripe 6.White socks, 7.Navy blue sunhat with logo, 8.Black school shoes, 9.Grey socks, 10.Black school shoes


1.Light blue long sleeved shirts, 2.Grey trousers 3.Navy blue tunic with school badge. 4.Navy blue tie with light blue stripe, 5.Navy blue winter hat with logo, 6.Navy blue winter hat with logo, 7.Navy blue jersey with school logo 8.Grey socks 9.Navy blue socks with light blue stripe, 10.Navy blue blazer with school badge,

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